J-RU Live / 2019.05.11 - AGLEE @club SEVEN

2019.05.11.sat @club SEVEN Organized by KONG & DJ KO-ZY 「AGLEE」 Special Guest Live : kiki vivi lily

Live : J-RU / MaWaRu

Dancer Showcase : MIHO+MOEKO, MAYAMINA / MO

Pick up DJ : DJ AYANA

DJ : YOSHII, KENZI, KO-ZY, MaKoTo MC : KONG, S-two, Lyrical, MaWaRu Stage Dancer : TakaH1RO, TAKU, MIHO, MOEKO

Dance Pertormance : 魚沼きゃんぷ。 Body Care : TEFUTEFU club SEVEN 〒951-8066 新潟県新潟市中央区東堀前通8番町1371 ビックナイトビル 7F https://www.sevenniigata.com/



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